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Business and Company/Commercial


Meadows and Moran Solicitors inform clients in a number of different areas of the law in relation to Business, Company and Commercial matters.

In relation to business our firm informs clients on their options as to which type of business organisation is best suited to their needs either in the form of a sole trader, partnership or all other types of company organisations.

On giving advice to our clients, our firm will advise them on the general liability, management structure, formalities on setting up and implications on converting the business medium from one form of organisation to another.

On partnership matters our firm will advise clients on setting up a partnership, partnerís responsibilities, liability, dissolution and formation of partnership agreements.

In relation to company matters our firm counsels clients on how to form a company, assist directors on management and the companyís constitution. If you are a shareholder we will advise you on how to join, inform you of your rights as a shareholder and your rights at meetings as a shareholder of the company.

When considering commercial matters our firm will assist the clients on commercial contracts proposed and contracts they are already bound into.